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Bridge Superintendent – Job Posting

By Bronte Construction   Posted December 19, 2017   In jobs  0

Role Overview:

Site Superintendents (Bridge Division) are responsible for organizing and evaluating all assigned Bridge Construction Projects at Bronte Construction. The Superintendent oversees all phases of a construction project from install planning to completion. The Superintendent in coordination with the Project Manager is responsible for crew staffing as well as all equipment allocation for the project. The Superintendent works closely with the Project Manager, Estimator and the Project Management team to review tender bids and budgets in order to complete projects efficiently, with top quality, to the highest safety standards within budget.

Duties and Responsibilities include :


  • Supervise and direct construction projects in strict accordance with the contact documents, Bronte Construction methods and industry best practices.
  • Ensure verification of safety compliance with all labour forces including subcontractors
  • Ensure completion all daily reports including
  • Daily Journals
  • Weekly Invoice Trackers
  • Health and safety documentation
  • Maintain records
  • Responsible to enforce all project safety and quality-control policies
  • Day –to-day coordination of construction crews, owned equipment, rented equipment, material supply and subcontractors, unions, etc
  • Analyze specifications and construction of drawings and complete/participate in completing construction plan and construction schedule prior to mobilization to project site
  • Monitor project site to ensure compliance with owner’s standards, design procedures, contract specifications and industry best practises
  • Research solutions with Project Managers and Project Coordinators to recommend solutions to design problems, including conflicts, unidentified existing interferences and errors/omissions
  • Plan and implement schedules with Project Managers and Project Coordinators to determine crew/manpower levels and ensure proper equipment and subcontractors are available as required for the project
  • Attend from time to time lead project meetings with internal external parties to monitor and support the project
  • Review up-to-date cost reports with Project Manager to analyse, determine solutions and correct any tasks that are not within budget
  • Complete additional assignments and responsibilities as requested by Construction Manager and/or Senior Management

We are seeking candidates with the following attributes:


10+ Years of Bridge Construction Experience

Effective oral and written communication skills in highly demanding and time sensitive situations.

Ability to represent the company and project team in professional manner to Owner, Engineers, Bronte Staff and community

Ability to use work place technology



Starting wage will be dependent on experience and skill level of the successful candidate.

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