Welcome to Work In Trades

Canada’s #1 source for finding and listing quality jobs in Skilled trades, Project Management and Engineering.


First and foremost — thanks for being here! We wanted to give everyone an idea of why we’ve created Work In Trades, and how we plan on creating value for our users.

Hiring for the jobs in the skilled trades, engineering and project management in Canada is hard. Often these gigs are filled through word of mouth or existing connections, and that’s great! However, sometimes that’s just not enough. Finding jobs online is the modern way, and the current job boards in Canada have underserved these industries profoundly.


Filling these positions is expensive, time consuming and you never really know what you’re going to get. One of our co-founders is an owner/operator of a construction firm in Western Canada, and he has told me of his struggles to find great workers online. Yes, there is a shortage of workers in Canada’s booming skilled trades sectors; however, there also is a shortage of decent online platforms that are specific to these industries. So we wanted to fill the void!

No more relying on Facebook ads, or paying exorbitant amounts for a place on a major catch-all job board. Work in Trades is specific to skilled trades, project management and engineering. When you post on our site, you know that you’re reaching the people that you want to reach!

Also, all new jobs are sent out to our subscriber lists and shared on social media as a part of the flat rate. We cut out the ambiguity of using larger job boards, or paying for a recruiter.


We also want to provide some valuable resources to people looking to get into these industries. These are high paying, available jobs and we want to promote them in any way we can. We’re planning to promote partnerships, government programs and trades training. We want to offer everything we can to help people find their next job, and employers to find their next amazing employee!

We will keep things simple. A flat rate for each post. You can choose to a highlight to differentiate yourself and your job. Looking for a job? Great! we direct you to the email or the site to apply directly. We are soon going to be launching a subscription based service so that people looking for jobs in certain sectors can get weekly updates. Keep an eye out for it : -) And yes, this is a free service.

Ultimately we can’t promise your jobs get filled, but we will do everything in our power to make sure that happens. Have a question? Reach out to us directly at hello@workintrades.ca!

Thanks so much for being here. We’re excited to build Work in Trades and help connect great companies with great people.